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Winter Oilseed Rape

Every grower knows that the first point to consider for a successful and profitable oilseed rape crop is variety choice.

In difficult times the temptation for many oilseed rape (OSR) growers, and indeed the advice given to many of these growers, will be to cut costs, reduce inputs and hope for a reasonable margin when it comes to harvest. Whilst open pollinated/conventional varieties or planting farm saved seed might seem an attractive low-cost option for establishing a crop, we believe that hybrid seed will deliver better value throughout the season.

So why would you grow a hybrid OSR variety?

Hybrid OSR varieties have a natural ability to perform well when conditions are difficult. This tough, resilient nature allows greater flexibility for growers if, for example, drilling dates are delayed, or the weather interrupts spraying times. There is much about OSR that is unpredictable but choosing a hybrid variety which shows good early development and strong autumn vigour, together with a solid agronomic profile will improve your chances of establishing a viable crop and reaching its full yield potential. BASF’s crop protection products can help to protect the crop from pests and diseases to give the best opportunity for a successful and profitable crop every season.