We are excited to launch Revysol® to the Irish market, a unique fungicidal active ingredient from the triazole group.

Revysol®, an isopropanol-azole, is the first of its class to be introduced to the market and shows an outstanding field performance in both curative and protectant situations. It delivers a new level of disease control compared to existing azoles and will play a crucial role in crop protection.

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Why is Revysol® so unique?

Older generation triazoles have lost much of their curativity and persistence on septoria. With Revysol® (mefentrifluconazole), the first generation isopropanol-azole, farmers can rest assured that they are applying the most curative and persistent active available to the market and one that is ideally suited to difficult Irish conditions.

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Lentyma® and Revystar® XL

We are delighted to launch two new products to the Irish market for the 2020 season – Lentyma® and Revystar® XL, both containing the first isopropanol-azole, Revysol® and the leading SDHI Xemium®.

The two different modes of action support effective resistance management, with Revysol® being the only triazole with the ability to control shifted strains of septoria.

Lentyma® and Revystar® XL deliver powerful performance thanks to the outstanding, intrinsic activity of Xemium®, combined with the most powerful binding triazole, Revysol. The complementary actives enable a broad range of activity against the most important pathogens in cereals.

Lentyma® and Revystar® XL are also characterised by their unique mobility, combining the quick uptake of Revysol® with the unparalleled mobility of Xemium®.

Finally, Lentyma® and Revystar® XL show unprecedented, long-lasting protection as a result of their double depot function: Revysol is well protected inside the leaf as a result of its inner-leaf reservoirs, while Xemium® forms on-leaf depots, which release the active ingredient gradually.

Hear more about Revysol® from some of the scientists behind its development.

The Lentyma® and Revystar® XL approach

Use Lentyma® at T1 and Revystar® XL at T2 for the best disease control in your wheat.

Lentyma® is ideally suited for T1 due to its appropriate ratio of Revysol® to Xemium® for disease challenges early in the season.

Revystar® XL, with its high Revysol® content for maximum septoria activity and persistence, even with azole resistance, makes it an excellent choice for T2

To find out more about Revysol®, you can download our brochure here.

Revysol (mefentrifluconazole), is the most curative and persistent fungicide available to the market for cereal disease control, and one that is ideally suited to difficult Irish weather, with strong performance on key diseases in both wheat and barley.

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